American Psycho

By: Bret Easton Ellis

10:34pm, 11/7/2023

My Rating

* * * * _ (4/5 Stars)

This book was the first full book I have read from start to finish in a longgggg ass time... And this was a WILD first book to come back too after the nearly decade long hiatus. this book got INSANE towards the end. tbh, it deserves a whole seperate entry just to explain how wild it got. The end alone should have been its own book lol.

The movie adaptation of this novel has got quite alot of attention recently with the sigma male memes. Theres so many of them bashing on the concept of being one, that I genuinely thought that it was a big joke, but in reality there are real people that actually label themselves as being a sigma lol. Truly Psycho behaviour.

Speaking of psycho, this books main character is the literal definition of one. He works as a wall street investment banker at "Pierce & Pierce" and is practically swimming in money.