Training Experience



"Organization" is not in Boeings small vocabulary

Training at Boeing is quite an interesting experience. At first, it looks organized and easy to understand. You go to the new hire ceremony, see the waves of people that they are hiring, and sit down for 4 hours and listen to someone explain how amazing and cool Boeing is. All of that is great until....

you start seeing the cracks

you see the physical sign in sheets at the ceremony and think, "oh I have to sign in real quick". You go to the table with the sheet and fill in the boxes with your name and BEMSID (work ID), and a Instructor comes up to you and says, "we dont do that anymore, its all digital now so dont bother". You're slightly confused, but heed to his advice and stop filling out the boxes. Everything goes fine and you are told to exit the building and go home for the day. As you are walking out the heavily locked down and guarded building back to the parking lot, You're worried that you might not get paid for the day because the advisors never took attendance, so you ask a fellow co-worker if you need to do anything to ensure that Boeing knows you showed up for orientation.

One person says "oh I just signed in on the sheet on the table. Thats what an instructor told me"....


You go to another co worker and ask the same question. They say, "I was told not too sign in the sheet because they take role on their laptops"

This is exactly what I went through my first day of work. And let me tell you, this will get 10 TIMES worse

During training, many trainers had different ways of doing things, which further complicated the entire process of training itself. I had ask multiple instructors the same question, and go with the most common answer amongst the teachers. Literally doing things blindly because the majority of instructors said so. Not a huge fan of that obviously.

Although this sounds annoying and wild (which is most definetly is), I understand why this is happening. idk when they started, but from the start date, to this December, they are MASS hiring. And when you are hiring more mechanics than instructors..... You get a lack of help while in training due to the lack of instructors. The Trainee to instructor ratio is increadibly high, and even the instructors are taking note of that.

I actually feel really bad for the teachers that have to answer everyones questions. It looks really damn stressfull. Its gotten to the point where they are just blindly passing peoples projects, just so they can get through everyone. But other than that, the experience with using power tools and drilling stuff is really fun.